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Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®
93 questions, 20 minutes to complete

The MBTI® instrument and the dozens of expert resources that have been designed to enhance its effectiveness offer a practical yet powerful set of tools for lifelong growth and development. After more than 50 years, the MBTI® instrument continues to be the most trusted and widely used assessment in the world for understanding individual differences and uncovering new ways to work and interact with others.

Conflict Style Report 11 pages
This 11-page, online report helps individuals understand how their MBTI type preferences influence their approach and response to conflict and it provides them with a framework for dealing with conflict situations more effectively. In addition to a detailed overview of an individual’s conflict style and key strengths, the report delivers the following practical information:
• A description of potential conflict triggers, blind spots and areas for further development.
• Insights into how others may view—and typically want to address—a conflict situation and includes tips for increasing sensitivity.
• Suggestions for how to effectively navigate conflicts when they arise and to foster better relationships moving forward.

Work Styles Report 14 pages
Enhance two-way communication in your Organization. The Work Styles Report is designed for two people, and it offers a great starting point to address conflicts. The report can help clients understand type differences and lead to a more positive work environment. The report provides steps for the two individuals to take to develop a more productive, satisfying and healthy working relationship.

Stress Management Report 9 pages
Helps individuals recognize the circumstances or events that are likely to trigger stress reactions and provides information and tips on how to deal most effectively with the challenges they present. The 9-page report details the signs of stress for an individual's type, describes the impact of stress on personality characteristics, provides do’s and don’ts for handling stress and leveraging natural strengths, and suggests approaches for tapping others for support.

Interpretive Report 6 pages
Describes the client's type preferences and interprets the basic Profile. This report includes refined descriptions of the 16 types. It also explains the strengths and needs common to individuals of your client's type, offers suggestions for verifying type, and provides a detailed report of your client's results.

Communication Style Report 9 pages
The MBTI® Communication Style Report uses type preferences as a framework for understanding an individual's natural communication style and that of others. The online report can help your clients or employees understand their communication strengths, offers practical tips for communicating with others and suggests steps for development.

Profile Report, College Edition 2 pages
This report provides you with a summary of your student’s MBTI results; Use their results to tailor interpretation and feedback sessions to their needs and to guide their career direction. It provides reported type, explanations of the preferences, characteristics frequently associated with the type and an easy-to-read graph displaying the preference clarity index.

Interpretive Report, College Edition 6 pages
This report includes all the data from the MBTI Profile, plus:
• A user-friendly overview of type preferences
• A brief discussion of personality type and type development
• An extensive description of your student’s four-letter type

Profile 2 pages
The Profile furnishes a summary of your client's MBTI results, allowing you to tailor interpretation and feedback sessions to his or her needs. The report provides the client's reported type, explanations of the preferences, a listing of characteristics frequently associated with the client's type, and an easy-to-read graph displaying your client's preference clarity index.

Career Report 9 pages
Find the best occupational match for your clients with this easy-to-read graphic report. This report shows your clients how their type affects their career exploration and discusses the benefits of choosing a job that is a good fit for their type. It also explores preferred work tasks and work environments-as well as most popular and least popular occupations-for a client's type, and offers strategies for improving job satisfaction.
Interpretive Report for Organizations 11 pages
Identifies your employee's strengths, clarifies his or her leadership style, explores a preferred work environment, and highlights areas for further development. This report is a helpful tool for organization development, management development, and team building. It includes: updated type descriptions, problem-solving style, learning style, your client's type under stress.  
Team Report 16 pages
A revised version of the MBTI® Team Report. Develop a thriving and cooperative team with this powerful tool. This report provides a summary of the team’s personality type, team strengths and challenges, the individual's contributions to the team and challenges, and discussions on team and individual problem-solving, conflict-handling, and communication styles. It also looks at how the organization may influence the team and includes an action planning worksheet to improve team productivity.  


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