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Training Specialists
Our team of specialists is drawn from industry experts and University lecturers in their respective areas of specialization. We therefore have deep experience in imparting knowledge and capacity building,  training and institutional development. Towards this end we have our own training center as shown below.

Masmec In-House Training Centre

Success in Training
A key indicator of successful training is the respondent’s rating of training during evaluation. Our training rating are always very high. In the 2019 Training for drivers as shown in the picture below.  In response to the question "What is your overall rating of the rating of the training?" 91% of the respondents indicated a maximum rating of 4.  All 100% of the respondents indicated that the training exceeded their expectations, while another 91% indicated that the training met most of their expectations. We propose to provide similar experience to your organization's training program.

Participants of Project Management Training 2019.

Understanding of Training
We have a thorough understanding of Training and Institutional Development which we conduct guided by the findings of training needs assessment.  We therefore tailor make the training to address the identified training gaps. We focus on enabling the participants to appreciate how to develop their own responses to the challenging Human Resource solutions with the aim of surpassing customer expectations.  This capacity, engendered with practical hands-on experience, puts us in a privileged position to serve you better. From our guiding principle, we build capacity by guiding the participants using participatory approach.

Success in Performance Appraisal
The evaluation of the implementation achievement of an organization’s Strategic plan and / or the staff performance may be realized through review of the management’s performance appraisal.  We were contracted by Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) to conduct their senior management staff performance appraisal vis-à-vis their strategic plan and their performance contract (Picture below).   This consultancy was very successful to the extent that the seminar participants rated us at 88% in the exercise.

performance appraisal
KeNHA Senior Management Performance Appraisal Retreat, Nyeri

Success In Strategic Plan Review & Development
We have deep experience in facilitation of Strategic Plan reviews and development of subsequent plans.  In the past we have successfully done the same for organizations such as Kenya School of Professional Studies (KSPS) as shown in Picture below, National Water Conservation & Pipeline Corporation, University of Nairobi Pension fund, and presented the results of such plans within conference set –ups.  We invite you to review the satisfied customers’ testimonials.

KSPS Strategic Planning Session, Lukenya Getway, Athi River

Success in Business Plan Development
In 2007 we developed the Business Plan for National Water Conservation and Pipeline Corporation (NWCPC) to enable them generate new revenue streams within their mandate.  This was to enable them reduce their over-dependence on the exchequer / treasury.   We developed the business plan, helped the corporation to implement it and it has since been very successful. Their business plan was indeed successful, having achieved KSh.80m in the first year of its implementation and KSh.60m in the second year, and to date they are benefiting from it.  This business plan was developed in conjunction with the Client team.

Solution Provider
We seek to provide a solution tailored to meet your specific Training requirements leading to a draft training proposal that will be subject of discussion with your management and incorporate their suggestions therein.   Such improvements will be based on our understanding of your needs and mutual agreement with your preferences and priorities.  We shall conduct the Training and HR recruitment assignments as the prime part of this consultancy in order to enhance appreciation of the content and context of the subject matter for your organization in realizing the goals set forth.

Approach & Experience
We pride in our capacity to assemble teams of experienced professionals with the relevant industry and academic expertise to facilitate different training and HR recruitment programs to the highest levels of professionalism.   We adopt a participatory approach in the facilitation thereby harnessing the tacit knowledge from the organizational members while enjoining them in the activity to cultivate ownership and participation for this and the intended future implementation and review of the lessons learnt.

Excellent Writing and Oral Communication Skills
Our associate consultants comprise experts with postgraduate levels of qualifications in the relevant disciplines at Master’s and Doctorate degree levels, and are Lecturers in leading Universities in their respective disciplines. We therefore have excellent writing and oral communication skills.

Long Term Relationship
In all our assignments we seek to establish long and mutually beneficial relationship.  This assignment will serve as the first step towards establishing this relationship, thereby creating a prospect for follow-up to ensure that the results of the training sessions are realized.   We will seek to guide your organization in its future endeavors to surpass stockholder expectations.

Speed Of Response
We have capacity to deliver the training within the stipulated time, and make our consultants available for the duration of the training preparation.  In this respect we are flexible and amiable to change to provide an accommodating team-working environment.

Muthaiga North,
Balozi Drive, 352
Nairobi, Kenya
0722894480 / 0723610086
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