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Strong Interest Inventory
291 questions, 30 minutes to complete

The most respected and widely used career planning instrument in the world, the newly revised Strong is more powerful than ever, with major updates and new content that reflect the way we work today.

iStartStrong 8 pages
Empower your clients or students to identify and pursue a career path that aligns with their interests and personality. The iStartStrong report is based on results from the Strong Interest Inventory® assessment. It presents results as General Themes (based on GOTs) and Specific Interests (based on BISs) using engaging four-color graphics and provides hyperlinks to related O*NET occupations.

Profile, Standard Edition 9 pages
Personalized to reflect responses to the 291-item Strong Interest Inventory® assessment, this report paints a clear picture of how your client's specific interests and learning, leadership, and risk-taking styles link to various jobs, work settings, and career fields.

Profile, College Edition
Profile, High School Edition

Interpretive Report 9 pages + profile
This revised report zeroes in on the top 10 occupations potentially most satisfying to your client, providing specifics on the typical work tasks associated with each job and the knowledge, skills, and abilities required for success.

Strong Profile with College Profile and Interpretive Report
Strong Profile with High School Profile and Interpretive Report

Strong Interest Inventory® Profile with Skills Confidence Inventory Profile 11 pages
The Skills Confidence Inventory is a key tool for exploring how self-assurance may be influencing your client’s occupational, educational, or leisure choices. Linked to the six general occupational themes, this report provides graphic results of how your client’s interests compare to his/her level of confidence in performing certain activities. Available with the Strong Profile, Interpretive Report, and College Reports.
Strong Profile with College Profile & Skills Confidence
Inventory Profile
Strong Profile with Skills Confidence Inventory Profile and
Interpretive Report
Strong Profile with College Profile, InterpretiveReport &
Skills Confidence Inventory Profile
Newly Revised

Strong and MBTI® Career Report 14 pages
Updated and better than ever, this report integrates the General Occupational Themes, Occupational Scales, and Personal Style Scales with MBTI® results for a comprehensive career development package.
*Requires MBTI Type


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